Garden With Me

by Galaxy Boyz

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Lucas Gelfond
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Lucas Gelfond Absolutely amazing. Top notch production. No better example of contemporary conscious hip hop. Only thing that would make this better is if it had more gardening.
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A bunch of goofy 16 year olds got together in another goofy 16 year old's bedroom and recorded a goofy rap song about gardening. Except they're totally hilarious rappers and the beats are kinda sick.


(Verse 1)

I fucked your mom
I fucked your dad
I fucked your cat in the fucking ass
It's screaming, on its knees
I'm about to sneeze
It's me I'm Window Treatment
Eatin' all them
Green mints
Fuckin' yo grandma on the sidewalk
Check it out
I'm a sidewalk
Yeah, I'm a bitch, you're a bitch
We all damn bitches
He's a bitch
Make my eye twitch
Clean yo dishes
Yeah dat way
Pick up the phone and call, who?
Ya dat way
Pick up the phone and I, gotta poo


Spend all my weekends gardening
Check out my jasmines cause they're blossoming
I'd rather garden than go partying
Fuck a social life I'm gardening

Spend all my weekends gardening
Green thumb runs in my family tree
It's in my blood like an STD
Don't need a girl unless she'll garden with me

(Verse 2)

Don't mess me with those cheap seeds, I gotta trust fund baby
I'm out there like Willy Mays
Money long I got seeds for days
Bueller's Bagels cream cheese for days
Buy Bigg Chill, box logo man yeah,
I'm shootin' hoops with my boy Lavar Ball
'Preme dealer in my contacts on call
Window Treatment never gonna be tall
But that's alright cause he's with Blart at the mall

(Verse 3)

Mrs. Stoehr in my bedsheets
Got a thick rollie my wrist piece
Got diamonds on my stance socks
Gucci flops
Louis tops
Stussy lops and a puma chopper
I'm a stingy jew, Rosh Hashana
(La Chaim)
Challah, Challah

Just a few days ago I was in Vegas
Scooterin' up in the grand
Cuban women in my suite gettin' naked
Cuban cigar in my hand
I'm in the green room sippin' on Henney
Rap game Steve
I'm fuckin' Buscemi
Bitch are you ready, uh

(Chorus x2)

Yuh, yuh, baby
I gotta trust fund, baby


released July 7, 2017
Produced Yung Pushpop
Written by Window Treatment, Yung Pushpop, Ca$hflow, and Yung Goob



all rights reserved


Galaxy Boyz Los Angeles, California

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